If you would like to order photos, please refer to the yellow half sheet that your student came home with on picture day. If your child is missing this sheet, please email us at so we can get that code to you as soon as possible. Please include the student's name, school, event and a good daytime phone number if you need someone to call you. The website you'll enter your code into is This covers all of our current locations.

Once you get your code, be sure to register so that way when the images are ready, they'll be pushed to your email. Without registration, our website will not be able to send you an alert.

If you see a message that your images are not available yet when you log in, please proceed with your registration and know that we are working diligently to get your images edited and uploaded for your viewing. Our editing staff is very small and works daily to get these images out to you as quickly as we possibly can. Thank you for your patience. If it gets to be a month after the event and you're still not seeing them, please email us at so we can give you an update or troubleshoot your issue.

If there is a reason that your project is taking longer than we normally allow, please note that the original coupon expiration date will be extended to accommodate for the extra days. The coupon expiring does not mean the images are gone, they will remain on the site until the end of the next July. We archive current projects at the end of each school year. If you need assistance with ordering from a previous school year, please reach out to us at the email listed above.

If you are a student emailing us from your school email, please get a parent to email us instead or use a non-school affiliated email. We are not allowed to contact you through these. Your school's server will block our response. We apologize for this inconvenience. 

Thank you!